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Growing up in the Kansas City area, Zachary’s roots are embedded in the Midwest culture of family, faith and giving back. Upon graduating High School with a desire for art/creativity and a passion for film, he moved to Nashville, TN where he attended Watkins College of Art, Design & Film. Fully immersed into the film culture, Zachary was able to intern with several post production film houses, work on large scale production sets, and learn from some of the industries great leaders.

Zachary upholds a firm foundation of core values including putting God first in all areas of life, loving people, service to others, and aligning with likeminded people who aim to advance the Kingdom of God. Zachary has done mission work in Haiti (earthquake relief efforts) and Tijuana (built homes for families in need), served with Habitat for Humanity, participated in the Keller Williams Red Day, Veterans Community project of KC.

Reed’s Business development skills were strengthened while building DNA STAT, a Dallas, TX based pharmacogenomic medical company. Developing the goals and vision from leadership, he instituted processes, operational flow, constructed team direction, and implemented technological advances that supported the entire corporation including the companies hundreds of clients and contractors around the United States.

From running operations to constructing sophisticated software development roadmaps, Zachary maintained several responsibilities including project management, software architecture and development, advanced business intelligence and analytics, vendor and third party relationship management, employee efficiency, and extensive presentation preparation. Ultimately, Reed’s efforts at DNA STAT created an infrastructure that supported the multi-million dollar enterprise.

After the close of DNA STAT in 2017, Zachary relocated to Kansas City and stepped into the Real Estate Industry, selling a million+ in sales and guiding individuals with buying and selling residential real estate. Packaging his real-estate experience, Reed developed a video driven online course tailored to EXP Realty members. In 2019, Reed established Noble Design House, a consulting group for web focused needs. Through building multiple companies, Zachary has developed a wide range of corporate focused skills, team building initiatives, and creative solution based leadership.
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