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Identifying Information Systems For Your Business

February 8, 2021
Are you collecting data through information systems to effectively run your business? Information systems come in various tools: project management systems, business apps, all-in-one business software, customer relationship management systems (CRM), accounting software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and more! The field of information systems & software continues to advance by the day. With most systems […]
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5 Tips For Increasing Productivity During a Daily Team Huddle!

February 5, 2021
As an operations director, it's crucial to maintain a constant increase in company performance by conducting a daily team huddle. Present In these team huddles should be key personnel currently active in company projects.  Whether these key players are remote, overseas, or working from home, this is the time to receive updates from project leaders […]
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Fiverr Review - The Full Guide To Outsourcing Projects

February 4, 2021
It's 2021 y'all, and if you're not unloading your time by hiring some folks to help you out, you can quickly find yourself wearing a multitude of hats inside your business. This is my full Fiverr review - The Full Guide to outsourcing projects. An Overview of my Fiverr Review Outsourcing projects to freelancers worldwide […]
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Focusing on what you can control!

February 1, 2021
This week I am accepting a new challenge based on a takeaway I took action on from my mastermind a few weeks ago. Choosing to focus on what you can control and letting go of everything else. It's easy to wakeup, not putting any forward thought into what "actually" needs to be accomplished. Additionally, it's […]
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The Daily Battle

December 7, 2020
Reader Beware! This post may cause you to think, self reflect or otherwise move in a completely different direction. If you don't want to win, take action, or improve yourself, keep scrolling or exit this post immediately. For those that are looking for a battle plan, then keep reading! Every day we fight battles! From […]
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Childlike Faith

November 19, 2020
"If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking." James 1:5 (NLT) Why do we forget to act like children sometimes? It seems that as we get older we lose our sense of adventure, we grow into adult creatures who never stop […]
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The Superpowers of Your Unique Rhythm And Flow

November 4, 2020
You can see from research on successful people that all of them follow a very strict routine for their daily rhythm. To no surprise, it takes special discipline & repeated actions on a daily basis to produce high results, and it's hard to find a successful individual that doesn’t do some sort of daily regimen. […]
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How to quickly create a daily habit of gratitude

November 2, 2020
With today being November 1st, it's the perfect time to start talking about gratitude and how to create a daily habit of gratitude. Gratitude has been a habit I’ve been practicing since the start of the pandemic earlier this year. I’m not perfect, I forget to do it on some days, but I can assure […]
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